Mums, Dads, Carers! What 'My Health Record' means for your family AND what you need to do

 Ashley Puljic Wed 8 August 18


Firstly, what is My Health Record? 

My Health Record is an individual’s safe and secure digital health information, easily accessible by their doctors, specialists and hospitals.

My Health Record is an online summary of yours (or your child's) key health information. When you have a My Health Record, your health information can be viewed securely online, from anywhere, at any time – even if you move or travel interstate. You can access your health information from any computer or device that’s connected to the internet.


What is the benefit of My Health Record to me and my children?

As more people use the My Health Record system, Australia’s national health system will become better connected. The result is safer, faster and more efficient care for you and your family. It is a snapshot of your health and means you won't need to remember all the details of your medical history. Plus it can help you keep track of your children's health, immunisations and any medical tests via the My Childhood Development section of the record, which is similar to the paper based ‘Blue Book’ used in NSW. Click here to read more about tracking your child development.


What information about me / my child is stored and collected in My Health Record?

My Health Record can include shared health summaries uploaded by doctors, which are useful for new doctors or when visiting other healthcare providers. Hospital discharge summaries, reports from tests and scans like blood tests, as well as medications prescribed and dispensed can be viewed after the information is uploaded. Immunisations that are included in the Australian Immunisation Register and up to two years of MBS and PBS information from Medicare can also be added to each record.

Parents who have their child on their Medicare card can link to their My Health Record through myGov and are automatically their Authorised Representative on the system. This allows you to add information like allergies, personal measurements, and parental observations to your child’s record if you wish.


How do I know if I or my child has a My Health Record?

All Australians with a Medicare card, including children, will have a My Health Record by the end of 2018 unless they choose not to. If you prefer not to have one, you can opt out yourself and/or your children by going to or by calling 1800 723 471 for phone based assistance.


How do I access or register for My Health Record?

Click here for the steps!


Is my Health Record safe and secure from hacking and who gets to see the information about me?

- For six years, My Health Record has operated safely and securely.

- Almost six million Australians already have a My Health Record. 

-There has never been a security breach of the My Health Record. The system is designed to the highest level of security and privacy.

- The System Operator will not give your health information to the police, or any other government department unless it is required to by a court or similar order. The primary role is to protect your health information..

- Only registered healthcare providers treating you, can access your record. Doctors being paid by employers and life insurance companies are not allowed to access your My Health Record for this purpose. 

- You can also further protect your privacy by putting an access code on your record like a PIN, so only healthcare providers with the code can access your record. You can also see at any time every healthcare provider organisation who has viewed you record in an audit history

- If you have any more questions - click here to visit the My Health Record FAQ page


How can I find out more information about My Health Record?

Click here to read more relevant information online for families...

If you are part of a playgroup, baby or kids class and would like to request collateral or someone to come and speak to your group about My Health Record you can contact COORDINARE – South Eastern NSW Primary Health Network via email at 

Parents Guide Illawarra has worked in partnership with COORDINARE to provide you this information and we hope it helps to clarify what My Health Record means for you :)


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