Send your kids to the Illawarra Circus - no really you can, the benefits are amazing!!

 Jenny Henderson Wed 6 September 17


Circus once had a poor reputation but recent research has found significant and surprising benefits for kids who do circus training! 

And, if you are Illawarra based, we have great news for you, but onto that after we explain why accessing the world of circus can be so darn beneficial for our kids...

The world of circus is as thrilling as it is diverse. It can involve clowning, juggling, tumbling, adagio (where people balance on each other to form human pyramids and other shapes), hula hooping, diablo's, spinning plates, tight rope, cloud swing, trapeze, silks, stilts, unicycle and trampolining, the list goes on!

I imagine some of those activities you would relish learning and others may instil a deep fear or possibly drive you nuts with frustration!

Every individual has an innate set of qualities that lend themselves to favouring certain activities - the sooner we identify our strengths and preferences, the better we can play to them and the more enjoyable life becomes. The more confident we then feel as we play to our natural strengths.

Circus classes allow you to find your strengths and develop confidence as you follow them...

Because as your child gets exposure to such a diverse range of activities, combined with the freedom and support to do more of what they enjoy, it delivers a great outcome. In fact, research by Dr Reg Bolton tells us the key benefits of kids being exposed to circus training:


- a release from the pressure of being serious and achieving, where your child's unique capabilities can be nurtured and embraced - in circus training there is something for everyone!

- team work and collaboration - and the trust that comes with being reliant on your team at critical moments of circus training...

- your child can develop aspirations - and the resilience to keep practising, even when they tumble. In circus training you never 'fail', you just haven't reached your goal yet! Circus training encourages a great work ethic and provides your child with the confidence, tenacity and resilience to success elsewhere 

- learning what is 'safe risk'. This one is massive! Circus training allows kids to develop their sense of what is a safe risk, therefore being less likely to take unmeasured risks as they move into maturity and further away from the protection of their parents and carer's guidance.

- the physical benefits of increased strength, focus, coordination and flexibility

- powerful benefits for children with autism as it provides an easy going, inclusive environment which encourages the individuality of each child to be expressed, building confidence and trust in a social setting


Here in the Illawarra, us locals are lucky enough to have Circus Monoxide on our doorstep (at Fairy Meadow - so accessible for all), offering a diverse program of circus training for everyone,  from age two to adults!

Whether it's regular classes, or school holiday camps, Circus Monoxide offer unique experiences that benefit all our community. At Monoxide, there is no competition with others. Everyone's achievements are celebrated and respected and so the emphasis is to have fun whilst achieving your goals.

If your goals are to challenges yourself, then you can do this in a safe, supportive environment. Or, if your goals are to have fun, keep fit and be social then you can achieve this simply by participating. - there is no competitive element and their philosophy is to have fun and be a beginner for as long as you like.

All attendees at Circus Monoxide - whether it be for birthday parties, holiday programs, private lessons, special needs classes, kids or adult group classes - relish the free, open circus space to come and be welcomed, just as you are. 

The qualified staff at Circus Monoxide speak with a genuine appreciation and passion for what they see happen in their pupils week on week. It is fun, playful yet safe place where everyone is welcome and there really is, something for everyone.


Check out Circus Monoxide's diversity of classes here or call 02 4285 0066 - whether it be for you or your child!







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