The significant benefits of before and after school care (why parents can drop any GUILTS!)

 Jenny Henderson Tue 25 July 17


Hey you, busy parent!

I will make this short and sweet, as it's likely you are mighty busy juggling work, life and being a parent - plus maybe even attending to your own needs occasionally! ;)


So here are 6 reasons to drop any parenting guilts (of course ideally we don't have them to start with!) as I have been talking to our hard working before and after school educators at Big Fat Smile's Fun Club. They offer both before and after school care across 14 venues in the Illawarra. If you are finding those short school days too much - click here for more info on Big Fat Smile!


But back to the benefits of your child attending before and after school care. They are diverse and varied - the examples below are based on Big Fat Smile's experienced staff's observations and obvious enjoyment of the role they play with each child in their care...


1. It encourages social interaction and friendships outside of just your child's immediate class

This can be hugely beneficial if your child has yet to find their groove or besties in their class yet - or for whatever reason the class dynamic doesn't seem to suit your child. Before and after school care means your child will be exposed to different circles and they get the opportunity to broaden their friendships


2. Older kids are encouraged to support and mentor younger kids and younger kids get to model the maturity of older kids!

Win Win!


3. It allows them to blow off steam in a fun, light hearted yet structured and safe environment after a day of learning

The diversity of activities on offer means every child can be catered for and will find something they enjoy doing - whether its just 'chillaxing' with their friends or being able to take part on the activities that day.


4. Your child has more opportunity to develop their interests and passions


With so much on offer, your child can further develop their interests in the array of activities on offer like, arts, crafts, science, music, sports and so much more! My 7 years old attends after school care and he comes back with awesome card games that he teaches me, so now we have a new bonding activity to play together (and he loves being able to teach me what he has learnt!)



5. It encourages relationships with not just their own teacher, but different educators who are fully trained but super fun!

Your child's social skills are developing day by day - being able to form bonding relationships with a variety of adults who care for your child is really beneficial.


6. Healthy but yummy food is served!

The subtle but collective peer pressure of eating in a big group also means your child will likely be less fussy about what they eat there and will consume the plentiful healthy food on offer!


So, go back to juggling (guilt free!) knowing all that your child gains from before and after school care!


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