Why the life of a mum is like... what, did you say 'Theme Park'!?

 Guest Author - Cindy Urquhart Tue 18 July 17



Sound like a tenuous link? Well, I just want to reassure any parent facing turbulent times that you are NOT alone in your bumpy ride.

Read on and you’ll get what I am saying and how best to navigate the crazy rides – because there is one thing you can invest in that will help you navigate your way through…

Life is a rollercoaster’ is a common reference to explain the ups and downs we all get to experience on this diverse planet of ours. Ronan Keating even sang about it once, so it must be true.

But allow me to explore beyond this worn-out cliché and open up a whole new perspective on theme parks and their relevance to life.


Ferris Wheel: The ferris wheel moments in life are fairly safe. We are generally comfortable and usually smiling with a loved one, peering down on beauty and colour. We can also utilise this time to devour a fat-loaded dagwood dog with minimal witnesses.

Tip: Just check for sauce remnants on lower part of cheek before alighting.


Mighty Mouse Ride: This is a variation of the traditional rollercoaster ride. It’s when life brings us unexpected jolts and sharp corners to negotiate. It’s when you are pretending to enjoy life with a fake smile, but you are actually praying for the twists and turns to stop so you can relax again. There is a high chance your dagwood dog will start ‘barking’ in your stomach.

Tip: take sick bag, breathe evenly and remember these moments have an expiry date.


Tower of Terror ride: Those moments that come in fast free-fall. They are at lightning speed, hectic and leave you wondering what you’ve done to be subjected to them in the first place.

Tip: zero consumption of alcohol recommended prior or during these fast-declines. On the up-side, they are usually over before you even comprehended they happened at all.


The Haunted House: These moments are usually scary. Demons appear in our heads when we lament on the pastry-loaded nibblies, two bottles of wine, and the two boxes of Brie cheese we accidentally might have eaten at that party. They usually involve a hasty glance in the ‘wide’ mirror before quickly stepping in front of the ‘shrinking’ mirror for comfort.

Tip: avoid the ‘wide’ mirror at all costs and reset health goals ASAP.


The Clown Stand: Those moments when somebody is passive-aggressively mocking you with a slow shake of their head.

Tip: If that clown is your personal trainer, dump them immediately.


The Pirate Ship: Aaahhh, those pirate ship moments in life. These moments are just one giant pendulum of thrills. When the pivot is working at its smoothest, you are in total cruise control, and possibly having lovely dreams about bare-chested Jack Sparrows… or maybe even your husband. This is also when you are most likely loving yourself sick and taking selfies at the gym.


So what’s my point? How does all the above lead me to wax lyrical about health, movement and all its amazing benefits?

My point is simple: Life and all its billions of moments we live through aren’t always tickety-boo moments, despite what Facebook (Fakebook) projects.

BUT - being strong and fit is something you can own. It’s your lethal weapon when ‘The Pirate ship’ stops and the damn ‘Mighty Mouse’ starts up.

Love yourself and all that is bumpy and imperfect - then set some goals and get moving. It won’t always be perfect but that’s okay, because life’s one big theme park apparently.


And for all our mums that rock up our EnVie gym classes – we welcome and accept you whatever state you may be in! We will help you find solace, unity, increased resilience plus a healthy endorphin high!

Love Cindy and the EnVie crew. :)

EnVie is a fabulous, friendly women’s gym in Woonona – click here to find out more!

With our thanks to Envie (now Soul Fit!) for working in partnership with Parents Guide and sponsoring this article!



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