7 year old boy saves life of Wollongong mum, twice.

 Jenny Henderson Sun 6 October 19


Sunday, October long weekend. A typical family day of pottering and gardening for one family in Wollongong.

Little did they know the actions of their seven year old boy that day, would save the life of his own mum.

*Sandra (*name changed for privacy reasons), aged 37 and local Wollongong mum of two young kids and working four days a week, had been feeling unwell for the last week but had brushed it aside as a virus and like many of us mums' just do, ploughed on regardless.

With her husband at Bunnings (we all know a trip to Bunnings is never quick as we imagine), Sandra's health took a drastic turn as she suddenly collapsed in her home and started fitting.

Her son, age 7, knew immediately his mum needed help and dialled his dad from the landline. He in turn called the ambulance and it was that combination of a fast thinking boy and husband that saved the life of Sandra.

She had suffered a brain aneurism and had life saving surgery that evening after being air-lifted to Sydney from Wollongong Hospital. 

Whilst Sandra wishes to remain anonymous, during her emotional interview with Parents Guide Illawarra, Sandra explained that 'if this helps just one other family in an emergency, it is worth sharing my story...'

Sandra and her husband were of the mindset of 'expecting the best but planning for the worst'. This drove three critical things that she wants every family to know... 

Firstly, in their own gentle but persistent way, Sandra and her husband had always practised both kids knowing each parent's telephone numbers. They had assumed for the 'being lost in shopping centres' scenario, but Sandra had also explained to her oldest child that is was also in case either mum or dad needed help and couldn't get to the phone.

Sandra credits her life to her son's quick thinking to 'phone dad'. 

Secondly, during the gruelling 12 months of recovery where Sandra had to re-learn the ability to walk, talk and function again, in her darkest hours then it was this that kept her going...

Sandra knew she had to persevere as she wanted to be there for her kids as they grew up. Despite even wondering if she could ever be 'like the mum she used to be for them' again, she battled depression and kept going for them.

So for everyone, in your darkest hours choose, choose to keep going for those who love you, even if you doubt yourself and your capacity to give back to them.

Sandra has got to see her kids grow up (it has been 10 years since her aneurism this October long weekend). She has been there for all the milestones, all the highs and lows. Sandra choose to keep going, again for her gorgeous children. Sandra credits them and her husband for her being able to get through this. She explains that she owes her life to them again.

Sandra's personality and ability to manage several tasks at once has all been affected. She has been unable to work since the aneurism. For someone who was managing a financial services company before she become sick, it has been hard to swallow. Sandra explains it's like having to re-learn who she is again.

Thirdly, as Sandra worked in financial services and practised what she preached, she had all the insurance cover in place. Sandra recognised there is no point in having strategies to generate income and money, if you have no plan in place to keep / protect that money if something goes wrong.

For Sandra, this has meant her income protection insurance has paid out since the incident and Sandra and her family haven't skipped a beat financially, despite Sandra not being to work to this very day.

Sandra knows the it is often the mums who are under insured too - her wish would be for every family to check their insurance cover and make sure they have income, life and serious illness protection in place. 

Ironically, Sandra had increased her insurance cover one week before the incident. It has meant a massive difference for her, her husband and her kids.

So, three takeaways from a strong wise mum; coach kids in emergency calling and knowing your phone numbers. When life gets turned upside down, keep fighting for your kids even when you doubt yourself, and thirdly, check your insurance cover is in place and is enough to cover life's unknowns. Here is one local provider of insurance if you need to get started - click here...

Because family rules!

Thanks to Blue Chip Super and Insurance who put us in contact with Sandra and who sponsored this article.

You can read more about Blue Chip Super's Life Insurance Products HERE. Get in touch with Troy Mojsoski and his team on 1300 975 999 or info@bluechipsuper.com.au

Thanks for sharing Sandra, for your courage and wisdom x

*True story but name changed for privacy. 




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