Baby Capsule versus Baby Car Seat - get convenience, best safety features and save money!

 Angela Lowe - Authorised Capsule / Car Restraint Fitter Thu 12 September 19


No doubt about it, baby capsules are amazing. BUT they are expensive.

Read on and we can show you how to get the best baby capsule with a fab safety rating but without the mega price tag attached.

Soooo, your baby needs sleep and a heck of a lot of it! 

This is why baby capsules are fab, as they act like a portable baby carrier with a simple click of a button - they keep your baby safe and move your baby between your car, pram and home (with baby safe and snug inside the capsule). Unlike a baby car seat which cannot detach from the car like the capsule does.

New parents tend to love this convenience factor of the baby capsule, as it generally means much less disturbance and the dreaded waking of your baby that comes without the capsule option, when we transition baby from pram to car seat to back inside the house again (please note: safety guidelines around the use of baby capsules stipulate that a baby should not be left in a capsule for any longer than 2 hour periods at a time).

This along with getting your gorgeous bundle of new baby love to sleep, becomes the holy grail for every parent with a newborn or infant.

BUT - some long or larger babies grow out of their capsule in less than 3 months - making the capsule a very costly short term investment for a parent, who then has to buy the next baby car seat anyway (that often cannot detach from the car without a full procedure behind it, which trust us, you will not want to repeat!).

So we chatted to Angela Lowe from BabySafe Wollongong who is a fully RMS Trained Authorised Baby Capsule and Car Restraint Installer (CLICK HERE to find out more), and she let us know hiring a capsule is the best way to save, yet still get the safety and flexibility. Here is what local mum Angela had to say:

"So parents can hire a capsule from us for 1/3/6 months. BabySafe Wollongong offers the Maxi Cosi capsule, which is a great universal capsule as well as the Britax Safe n Sound Unity which caters for premie and low birth weight bubs (ISOFIX). 

We also hire out pram adaptors so the capsule is compatible with most prams.
Included in the hire is the delivery to your door, free installation of the capsule as well as a Newborn demonstration on how it all works. We can even come to the hospital for that first journey home with baby, or we come to your home to demo and get you all set up beforehand.
So, if you hire one of our baby capsules for 3 months it works out saving you around $295 over buying a new capsule and then having to pay to get that fitted, see the example below....
The following compares the cost for a family over a 3 month period.


  Purchase (approx) Installation TOTAL
Maxi Cosi $380 $55 $435
Britax Safe n Sound Unity $400 $55 $455
  Hire                           Installation TOTAL
Maxi Cosi $140 $0 $140
Britax Safe n Sound Unity $160 $0


In the above circumstance, the family who purchased their capsule is now looking at spending several hundred more dollars on another rearward facing child restraint.

There is also the option to hire an additional base for the capsule which is a great option for the secondary car. That way the capsule can easily be used between mum, dad and the grandparents' car.

Some more info about BabySafe Wollongong:
Our staff are highly trained in fitting, inspecting and adjusting all types of child restraint systems. We have been trained by the RMS (formerly known as the RTA) to locate and create vehicle anchor points in all types of vehicles.

BabySafe Child Restraints was established in June 2012. Director Robert Mesite started BabySafe Child Restraints due to the fact he is a new dad and found a lack of service in the local area for new parents. At BabySafe Child Restraints we simplify the process of making sure your most prized possession is safe. The last thing you need to worry about while pregnant is “how do you fit this thing?”.

Want a reminder 1 month before your baby is due to hire your capsule? Contact Ange and let her know your due date so she can pop you a reminder through - call/SMS Angela 0434 630 945 or email

Angela also offer car seat and pram cleaning mobile service PLUS can fit any car seat, leaving you with complete peace of mind!

Thanks so BabySafe Wollongong for sharing their expertise and advice and for sponsoring this article, for all pram, car seat and capsule enquiries  CLICK HERE!



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