Choosing to go private – What to expect when you’re expecting (at Wollongong Private Hospital)

 Naomi Cotterill Mon 13 May 19


You’re pregnant! Hooray! Seeing those two pink lines pop up is possibly the ONLY time you’ll be ecstatic to essentially be holding your own pee. All jokes aside however, finding out you’re expecting is a huge, HUGE milestone. Whether it’s your first or fifth baby, there’s nothing quite so magical.

Once the initial euphoria has abated however, you’ll suddenly find yourself thrown into ‘Decision Town’. In what is basically a test run for parenting a child, you’ll find yourself having to make choices about everything from pre-natal testing to how you plan to birth. And one of the first (and biggest) decisions to make is WHERE you’ll have your baby.

As Illawarra-ians, we are extremely fortunate to have access to state of the art hospital facilities that ensure the smooth transition from having your baby in your belly to holding that little bundle earth-side. One of those facilities is the Wollongong Private Hospital which prides itself on offering its maternity patients the highest standards of clinical care and, equally importantly, plenty of choice regarding their birth journey.

Why choose a private hospital?
There are a whole host of reasons why families choose private care. Chief amongst them is the ability to choose your care team and ensure continuity throughout the nine months of pregnancy. What that boils down to is having the same caregiver, your chosen Obstetrician, manage your care all the way from the first trimester through to delivery. Wollongong Private Hospital has seven highly experienced Obstetricians accredited to deliver on the premises. This means that you can choose your doctor and see them in their rooms for your regular antenatal appointments while having the state of the art birthing and postnatal facilities of the hospital on offer for your delivery. Your chosen Obstetrician will work closely alongside the Wollongong Private Hospital maternity staff to provide the safest and most positive birthing and parenting experience possible. Birthing at Wollongong Private Hospital also allows you to choose your own paediatrician for both in-hospital and ongoing care. 

Let’s talk about birth.
When it comes to birth, Wollongong Private Hospital is equipped to facilitate and manage the full range of different birthing scenarios, from a low risk, medication free birth through to a high risk c-section. The highly experienced maternity staff which includes a team of midwives, are all about creating a safe and positive birthing experience. The large, modern birthing suite has four fully equipped birthing rooms with plenty of space to move around. Each includes a large ensuite and double shower. You will be regularly monitored in the comfort of your suite by the team of midwives and your doctor. Should you require pain relief, your anaesthetist can attend the suite to administer it. Wollongong Private Hospital is completely set up for c-section birth, including scheduled and emergency scenarios, so you can rest assured that however your birth unfolds, you’ll be in safe hands. 

The post-partum bubble.
There’s nothing quite like the first hours and days after giving birth as you get to know the new little person in your life. Wollongong Private Hospital is all about providing the highest standard of post-natal care for patients. With 21 private rooms and two twin-share rooms, you’ll have plenty of space to recover. Each room features a brand new ensuite and is equipped with the innovative Video Nurse Call system, which allows nursing staff to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. Your partner is also able to stay the night with you, subject to availability. Midwives are on hand to assist you with sleeping, settling and bathing your newborn, while breastfeeding classes and sessions run by specialist physiotherapists are also available. There is also an on-staff lactation consultant who, alongside the maternity staff, can help with the establishment of breastfeeding as well as troubleshooting any feeding issues that may arise. Should your bub require a little bit of extra help, Wollongong Private Hospital provides an onsite Special Care Nursery, licenced to care for bubs from just 32 weeks. Specialist neonatal care is provided by the hospital’s onsite Neonatologist, alongside midwives and specially trained staff. 

It’s the little things.
Birth should be celebrated (once you’ve had that first, post birth shower #bliss and a good lie down that is!). Wollongong Private Hospital love spoiling new parents with their complimentary, high tea service. Think cakes, sandwiches, scones and a selection of delicious tea to enjoy while you gaze at your new bundle of joy.

Wollongong Private Hospital offers expecting parents of the Illawarra a state of the art facility for birth and post-natal care. With the choice of caregivers, a full staff of experienced midwives and specialists and private, luxurious rooms, it’s the premier choice for families looking to choose a private hospital. 

For more information, contact Wollongong Private Hospital on (02) 4286 1077. You can also CLICK HERE to read more about the services offered at Wollongong Private Hospital.


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