Meet Dr Kothari - The Wollongong Obstetrician/Gynaecologist changing the face of gynaecological care for women in the Illawarra

 Naomi Cotterill  Mon 3 September 18


Meet Dr Kothari...

The Obstetrician/Gynaecologist changing the face of gynaecological care for women in the Illawarra...

When you ask Dr Dharmesh Kothari what the best part of his job is, he doesn’t hesitate.

“When a baby goes onto their mums chest and I see that expression on mums' face. That’s why I do my job. It’s being part of that moment,” he tells Parents Guide Illawarra.

He’s seen that moment unfold hundreds upon hundreds of times, yet according to him, it never loses its magic. And that is what makes Dr Kothari so special; his passion for what he does.

The highly experienced Wollongong Obstetrician/Gynaecologist has been in practice since 2002 and has worked both internationally and interstate at some of the biggest maternity units in the world. And now, women in the Illawarra have access to his world-class obstetric and gynaecological know-how.

Dr Kothari offers a full range of services that cater for women from pre-conception, right through to labour and delivery and post birth gynaecological care. What sets him apart in the obstetrics 'baby birthing' stakes?

His experience with complicated or high risk pregnancies and deliveries. After migrating to Australia, in 2009 Dr Kothari worked at the Royal Hobart Hospital where his primary focus was high risk obstetric care. It is this foundation that sees him managing a significant number of high risk pregnancies for women in the Illawarra, though plenty of his patients come to him with uncomplicated or low risk pregnancies.

Delivering exclusively at Wollongong Private hospital, Dr Kothari estimates that he delivers between 10-15 bundles of joy each month. He understands that for women, choosing an Obstetrician is a big decision.

“I do know that I am a male,” he jokes. “But I work hard on building a relationship with my patients.”

Indeed, by the time birth rolls around, Dr Kothari is usually on first name terms with his patients partner and family. Fully supportive of different birth plans and preferences, Dr Kothari works with a woman and her partner to ensure a positive birth experience with the best possible outcome; a healthy mum and bub.

While Dr Kothari splits his time between both his specialities, one of his areas of expertise makes him unique to the Illawarra. Advanced gynaecological laparoscopy and robotics laparoscopy are services that Dr Kothari is very excited to be offering exclusively to the women of the Illawarra. What makes gynaecological laparoscopy and robotics laparoscopy different? It’s a minimally invasive method for performing complex surgeries like hysterectomies, the removal of ovarian cysts, the treatment of endometritis and infertility related surgeries.

Instead of ‘open’ surgery which requires a larger incision, laparoscopy involves tiny incisions (5mm in size) and uses a camera and instruments. It’s an area that Dr Kothari is hugely passionate about and one that is not currently offered by any other Illawarra based surgeon.

Previously, women who opted for a robotics laparoscopy procedure needed to travel to Sydney however thanks to Dr Kothari these advanced services are now available in Wollongong.  Alongside the above specialities, he also offers the following comprehensive gynaecological and obstetric services: 

 - Laparoscopic and Robotics assisted

 - Hysterectomy, treatment of endometriosis, removal of fibroids, ovarian cysts

 - Treatment of abnormal pap smear/Colposcopy

 - Diagnosis and management of abnormal bleeding

 - Family planning, birth control services, IUD insertion

 - Surgeries for pelvic organ prolapse 

Dr Kothari and his patient first, innovative approach is a welcome addition to the Wollongong medical and women's health scene. We thank Doctor Kothari for spending time with Parents Guide and for sponsoring this article :)

For more information, visit Dr Kothari's website, Wollongong Obstetrics and Gynaecology or call his friendly team with any questions on (02) 4225 1999.


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