​‘I am Woman Moving! Hear Me Roar!’ An uplifting blog dedicated to women who find time to...

 Guest Author - all things fitness and endorphins - Cindy @ Soul Fit Thu 25 October 18


‘I am Woman Moving! Hear Me Roar!’

Women can achieve anything….right? (Men actually can too, but it’s not about them today.)

This blog is dedicated to all the women out there who find the time to actually move their bodies - one of the greatest achievements of all.

Let’s face it – exercising can be considered unspectacular and/or routine. But I think it underpins everything else that we do. Being strong and fit lays the foundation for all of our other successes, both big and small. Exercising is epic!

So here’s to all the women out there making it happen - or wanting to make it happen more. Hats off to you...

To the woman who manages to exercise regularly and kick some goals;

To the woman who drags herself into the gym with a head cold and a screaming baby;

To the woman who achieved her first chin-up;

To the woman who throws her baby in the pram and walks 2 kilometres;

To the woman who relieves arthritic symptoms by moving consistently;

To the woman who achieved her first box jump;

To the woman who laughs at herself when she monetarily loses her balance whilst lunging;

To the woman who progresses from walking to running on the treadmill;

To the woman who cries, then just gets on with it;

To the woman who achieved her first deadlift;

To the woman who makes it happen on four hours sleep and tries her best;

To the woman who ran her first half-marathon;

To the woman who reaches out and hugs somebody who needs one;

To the woman who lost body fat and in doing so, increased her life span;

To the woman who lifts her butt off that cosy couch and gets the job done;

To the woman who values her health, despite juggling many roles;

To the woman who understands it’s about progression, not perfection;

To the woman who wears emotional pain, but shows up with a smile;

To the woman who still moves, despite bleary eyes and a mild hang-over;

To the woman who knows that becoming stronger means being consistent;

To the woman who makes us laugh until our abs hurt some more;

To the woman who constantly lifts up those around her;

To the woman who moves to save her sanity;

And…..to the woman who is still wishing for more time to actually fit exercise in her life - I promise you’ll get there! We celebrate all of you, and we’ll always have each other’s backs.

Love Cindy and the Soul Fit Crew

To get in touch with the beautiful, supportive team at Soul Fit Gym in Woonona, call 02 4284 8549 or click here to visit the website :)


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