Illawarra Parents - how to save up to $3,000 on your child's braces!

 Ana Butragueno - Qualified Wollongong Dentist and Fastbraces Provider Wed 13 December 17


It is the $7,000* question most parents with 9-13 year old children DREAD.

Does my child need braces?

According to stats from Orthodontics Australia, on average, traditional braces can take up to two years and cost between $5,000 and $9,000*.

Yes, ouch...

At Parents Guide, we also know the cost and demands of your time and wallet for monthly trips to the orthodontist then the extra trips required to the dentist for the cleaning is another matter!

So, we have some heartening news for those many Illawarra parents of children with somewhat wonky teeth. Thanks to Doctor Ana Butragueno of Vantage Dental in Wollongong.

Dr Ana is a fully qualified dentist who has brought Fastbraces technology to Wollongong...

We interviewed Doctor Ana to share the benefits, the limitations and low down of how effective Fastbraces really are:


- What is the difference between Fastbraces and traditional braces?

Fastbraces Technology is a cheaper, quicker and simpler technique to straighten mal-aligned teeth, when compared to traditional braces.

Traditional Orthodontic braces involve two stages over a period of up to 2 years. The first stage involves aligning the crows (or tops) of your teeth and the second stage is focused on straightening the roots.

Fastbraces Technology is able to address both issues from the beginning of treatment using a unique wire and special brackets. Treatment time can be as little as 6 months and still get you or your child a great result with beautifully straight teeth!


- So we get that Fastbraces technology is faster and means less time in braces than traditional braces, how much cheaper is it?

Fastbraces treatment costs on average $4,000 compared to the typical $7,000* cost of traditional orthodontist braces. There are also cost savings as you don't have to book extra dentist appointments on top of the orthodontics appointments for the cleaning (as Vantage Dental do that all in the one appointment for you)


- Is Fastbraces suitable for every child or adult who needs braces?

For most cases, yes but for particularly complex cases, we refer our patients onto to some excellent orthodontists who we know will take care of the underlying problem if Fastbraces cannot address it.


- Are there any other advantages to Fastbraces that parents and children should know about?

Yes, so many! Firstly it's cheaper and faster, secondly, less time in braces means less decay under where the braces sit, thirdly, Fastbraces treatment often means avoiding having to extract a tooth (which can happen with traditional braces and can be traumatic for the child or patient).

Finally, it is less demanding on time poor parents who have to take their child to all the appointments every month for up the two years or traditional braces treatment time, as treatment time can be cut to 6 months in some cases... Here are some images of before and after:





- Are Fastbraces anymore painful or unattractive than traditional braces?

No, any slight level of discomfort experienced by a patient on Fastbraces is comparable to that of traditional braces and there are options for clear brackets with Fastbraces which are less obvious to the eye.


- So what should parents do who are worried about their children's (or their own) teeth?

Bring them in for a dental appointment at Vantage Dental in Wollongong - we take real care with all our patients, especially our younger patients. We make them feel comfortable and empowered about how to best care for their teeth. We can quickly assess if you or your child are a good fit for Fastbraces (most cases are) and we happily refer on to trusted orthodontists if we cannot help with Fastbraces.

If you are not Illawarra based, Google Fastbraces providers and find another Dentist who can assess you.

In summary, Fastbraces saves your family real time, money and effort and as a mum of two, I am delighted to bring this technology to the families of Illawarra and Wollongong.

From us all at Parents Guide Illawarra, we thank Dr Ana Butragueno of Vantage Dental in Wollongong for taking the time to share her expertise with us!

To contact Ana and the team at Vantage Dental, click here or call (02) 4225 1800

*Figures are estimates only and depends on the individual situation. The estimated figures of $7,000 quoted in this article are indicative only. We checked with the  Orthodontics Australia  website, who state the cost is generally between $5,000 and $9,000. They also state the cost varies on the severity of each case and the individual Orthodontist. With our thanks to Vantage Dental for working in partnership with Parents Guide and sponsoring this article :)



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