Kids Halloween Ideas... Easy, safer, low cost and FUN!

 Jenny Henderson Thu 18 October 18


Halloween with young kids... The time of year where crafty mums and dads excel (yay you, I WISH I was part of your tribe) and the rest of us are left with that sinking, pressured 'how do we make this fun yet relatively painless', feeling.

Don't worry - Parents Guide Illawarra have you covered! Our collectively wracked brains have come up with lower cost, sustainable (read 'less plastic tat'), healthy and safer ways to actually enjoy this SPOOOOKY night with your kids...

Not every parent feels comfortable about trick or treating, so here are some alternate ideas, modified and outsourced trick or treat options...


Halloween Ideas for Toddlers to Pre-schoolers...

- Ghosty Ghouls. Grab the old bed sheets and play a dedicated 15 mins of ghosty ghouls, chasing each other round the house

- Play hide and seek with you as the ghosty making wooo-ing ghosty noises

- Invite friends round for a short Halloween party where everyone bring a snack and you tell ghosty stories to keep the kids contained and not trashing your house

- Carve up the pumpkins with faces and pop candles inside for when it gets darker and have bath time and bed time stories at candle light

- Lolly hunt. Hide lollies around the house or in the back yard and send the kids out hunting in their favourite dress up

- Outsource the fun - Come into the Early Start Discovery Space this Halloween for a spooktacular evening! Dress up in costume for an evening packed full of Halloween themed activities including; Pumpkin Head craft making, Spooky Story-Time, Mummy Wrapping and even a Fashion Parade for the best and most scarily dressed. Costumes are not limited to just the little ones, we’d love to see parents get into the spirit of the night too. This is a great opportunity for your child to experience the fun of Halloween in a safe and interactive environment, taking part in activities that the whole family can enjoy together. From $5 tickets limited however - nab yours by clicking here :) All ages welcome


Halloween Ideas for School Aged Kids 

 Trick and treat the safer way - drop your own carefully selected and appropriate lolly selection to designated and friendly neighbours houses - so they are prepared and you feel safe about whose house your child will go knocking on and what they will shove in their faces after!

- Pay it forward trick or treat - this one is beautiful and switches the vibe of Halloween from a consumerist sugar induced stress, to actually something quite lovely. Make a bag of treats and pop them in each of neighbours letter box with a note from your child (maybe your child can get a bag too as reward for paying it forward!)

- Dim the lights for spooky movie night (optional - friends can also be invited) and snuggle up with your child as they try not to show their fear at mildly scary movies (we suggest the first Harry Potter, ET, Ghostbusters, any Caspar movie...)

- Meet friends at the park for dress ups and picnics - scatter some lollies for a lolly hunt...


So, we hope these ideas help create happy memories sans pressure and drama! The big thing most children want and benefit from is time with you, so whatever you decide, do it together and enjoy a short burst of SPOOKY quality time together...

For more Halloween what's on and kids activities locally across Wollongong and the Illawarra - click here for our what's on guide this week...

ENJOY! Have a great Halloween! From Parents Guide Illawarra :)


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