Top Illawarra Cosmetic Surgeon shares why clients seek plastic and reconstructive surgery

 Jenny Henderson Sun 21 April 19


I think most of us would agree - we live in and bring up our kids in an aesthetically obsessed society, where what we look like is a highly valued commodity.

Social media only intensifies our comparison and judgement-fuelled culture and lens.

Even those who avoid social media cannot be immune to the constant bombardment of images, messages of how we should feel, look and portray ourselves. At some point this permeates through to our beautifully innocent and un-self conscious kids, and then they too start to realise 'what they look like counts for stuff'.

It is the cultural soup in which we all are doing our best to swim in, all whilst teaching our kids to navigate and swim through it too.

So, with that said - hearing these insights from a renowned and highly experienced Illawarra based Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon, as to why his Wollongong patients (including teens) seek his expertise, casts a broader light over the motivations of his patients than just pure aesthetics.

Hearing the insights below and the impact that Dr Adrian Sjarif has on his patient's lives, really made us appreciate that his patients seeking plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery are not just motivated by the want to 'look good' and feel better about their bodies.

Dr Adrian Sjarif is one of the finest Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons in Wollongong whose reputation is rapidly sky rocketing.

With his high standards of professional care, patient-centric approach, and his reputation for being a great listener and problem solver, Dr Sjarif's training and expertise is the first of its kind in Wollongong - he is only one of two Australians having been accepted into, and having completed, the highly sought after Fellowship at the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, rated the No. 1 hospital for cancer care in the United States. He is also the first plastic surgeon to perform breast reconstruction using microvascular techniques in Wollongong transferring abdominal tissue to reconstruct a breast.

Dr Sjarif is sought out by patients for his meticulous attention to detail, as well as his approachable demeanour, empathy and warmth. His practice locations are staffed by friendly, caring professionals and equipped with leading edge technology to make treatment safer, quicker and more comfortable for patients.

Dr  Sjarif speaks compassionately about his work and the care he takes of his patients...

Notably, his young male patient covered in skin cancers who he was been able to minimise the scarring for.

And his many patients who have achieved massive weight loss (50 kilos plus in some cases), who are left with an excess of loose skin that causes pain, friction and leaves them unable to exercise properly or fit into normal clothing. Dr Adrian Sjarif is able to perform the surgery known as body contouring where he removes the loose skin and offers his patients their final catharsis from their old weight.

Dr Sjarif is being sought out by women of all ages due to his expertise and qualifications in the various forms of breast surgery, including reductions, lifts and augmentation. Patients seeking breast reduction are generally in pain and suffering from neck and back pain due to the weight of their breasts and find exercising difficult, they may have rashes or even fungal infections under their breasts, especially during the summer months.

Dr Sjarif reports that his breast reduction patients are so delighted once he can relieve them of the weight and significant discomfort that comes with being the owner of large breasts. For younger women seeking breast surgery and wondering if they will be able to breast feed in future, it is generally possible to do so after surgery as long as the sensation in the breast and nipple is preserved.

For younger women wanting expert surgery to fix their inverted nipples (depending on the grade of nipple inversion), it may also be possible to breastfeed after the surgery to help pull them out - however in severe cases the milk ducts have to be cut so breastfeeding cannot happen post surgery - however the reality is that those women would have been unlikely to be able to breast feed anyway.

It is inevitable that in today's society, more and more women feel incredibly self conscious of how their breasts and bodies look. Ultimately, we all have the rights to exercise our own choice. For those who can feel fantastic about their bodies regardless of what society promotes and expects - we salute you! For those who choose cosmetic surgery to purely improve the aesthetics of their body, face or breasts, or to re-construct breasts after cancer and surgery, Dr Sjarif sees time and time again how it can really benefit self esteem and confidence.

Dr Sjarif also speaks about labiaplasty as a growing trend in women and cosmetic surgery. Women who seek this can have an asymmetrical or heavily protruding labia and again, this can affect their clothing choice and their bodily comfort. We all may giggle about 'camel toe' but for anyone on the end of these laughs, it can feel deeply shaming.

'Mummy Makeovers' are a growing trend worldwide as well as in the Illawarra and Wollongong too - this can involve any combination of face lift, tummy tuck, breast surgery, thigh lifts, liposuction or body contouring. Dr Sjarif is familiar with his many clients who are hard working, dedicated mums who are now ready to do something for themselves, and something that can help bring back their body confidence again.

A tummy tuck can also improves core strength for those women who are left with separated muscles after pregnancy whilst fixing the loose skin and fat that no amount of exercise seems to shift - liposuction only removes excess fat so sometimes liposuction is paired with a tummy tuck also which removes the loose skin or 'apron'.

Another question Dr Sjarif regularly gets is 'can this be covered by Medicare?' There are some cosmetic surgery procedures that do have a medicare item number so can be claimable - for example, certain cases of breast reduction, certain tummy tuck procedures for abdominal separation, rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and skin cancer removal. However for most cosmetic and plastic surgery it will require being funded by the patient or via private healthcare.

In summary, we hope sharing the insights of the very well regarded Dr Adrian Sjarif, Wollongong based plastic and cosmetic surgeon, helps better educate everyone around the diverse reasons that we seek cosmetic surgery and the kind of impact it can have on an individual's life.

For anyone who has questions or is seeking an incredibly thorough, skilled, caring and compassionate surgeon, please get in touch with his rooms by clicking here or calling his friendly and supportive team on (02) 4226 6111. CLICK HERE to read further information about the cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgical procedures carried out by Adrian Sjarif.




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