Parents! Understand the NEW Digital Technologies Curriculum at school. What does it mean for your child?

 Naomi Cotteril Wed 24 April 19


Just when you thought getting your head around maths homework was tough, in comes the brand new digital technologies curriculum to leave parents scratching their heads.

Coding what? Minecraft who? It’s a whole new world and one our children are fully immersed within from the first years of school right through to high school and onto university and the work force. 

What does this mean for parents in the digital age and how can we support our kids in building these critical skills? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Fortunately for Illawarra parents, we’ve got a crack team of local digital curriculum and coding experts. ScopeIT Education and CIY.Club (Code it Yourself to the uninitiated) is Australia’s leading digital technologies educator. ScopeIT Education works alongside both primary and high schools to help them deliver the digital technology curriculum while CIY.Club offers after-school, weekend and holiday clubs where kids come together to learn, train and master technology. 

We sat down with ScopeIT Education to get the 411 on what we need to know as parents (and the good news is, it’s FAR more exciting than algebra.)

What’s the deal with the new digital technology curriculum?
You’ve probably heard around the playground that a new Digital Technology Curriculum has been brought into schools, but what does that actually mean? Simply put, the new curriculum is all about giving students a range of digital skills to help them express themselves in new and creative ways. It’s become very apparent that all children NEED these skills, both for school and in broader everyday life and the Department of Education and Training recognises that this learning needs to start (or be continued) at school.

ScopeIT Education is the leading digital technologies educator servicing Australian primary schools and partners with them to deliver their new digital technologies courses. They dot all and i’s and cross all the t’s thanks to their comprehensive lessons plans and interactive, hands on learning experiences that are facilitated by specialist instructors. A ScopeIT Education instructor may work alongside your childs teacher to help deliver the curriculum in a fun, engaging and easy to understand way.

As parents, we struggle to really understand this new age of ‘digital literacy’. How can we be sure our kids aren’t missing out on critical skills?
Both schools and ScopeIt Education understand that not all children (and not all parents) will have an in-depth understanding of digital technology. Conversely, it’s become very apparent that many children ARE hugely fluent in the world of digital BUT without the deeper understanding needed to use it safely (and for good rather than gaming!) It’s a fact of life that children are increasingly exposed to digital devices. As they grow older, this will not change. In fact, high levels of digital literacy are becoming a mandatory requirement in many industries.

Digital technology lessons are integrated into everyday learning and the digital technology curriculum, alongside providers like ScopeIT and aim to give all children the tools to develop and create technology, not just consume (or be consumed by) it.  


What exactly is my child learning through the digital technology curriculum?
From coding to data storage, digital systems to Minecraft, the courses on offer through ScopeIT Education address 100% of the digital technologies curriculum outcomes for both State and National standards.  

You can find out more about what your child might be learning in each stage at this link -

How do I know if my school are implementing the curriculum in the right way?
This is tricky! It’s a new area of study and one which is constantly evolving. It’s one of the reasons why ScopeIt Education partner with so many primary schools; they’re the experts with the resources to do it the right way. As a parent, it’s important to understand what your school is doing and how they’re doing it.  

Speak to your child and your school about their plans for implementing the new curriculum. Have they partnered with an expert provider like ScopeIT Education? If not, how are they proposing to teach this new area of study? Check out what technology has been purchased and most importantly, how it’s being used. iPads, robotics kits and coding software is fantastic. If it’s being used correctly. Are children being taught how to create something online rather than just clicking through to their favourite apps? There are so many fantastic ways to explore the new curriculum and it’s important to see how it’s being done.

What can I do as a parent to get involved and help my child?
As parents, sometimes it’s easy to want to stick our heads in the sand when it comes to something new and, yes, different. That’s just about the worst way to tackle this new curriculum though! We are well aware of the importance of online safety and ensuring that we are up to speed with what our kids are up to online. Engaging with the curriculum alongside your children is a great way to learn and stay involved. The Government's Digital Technologies Hub has some great resources that you can explore with your child. There’s a good chance you may actually learn something as well (hands up if you know what ‘scratch coding’ involves? You will after jumping online.)   

My child loves digital technology and is keen to do more. What is CIY.Club all about?
CIY.Club is all about helping your child create technology instead of just consuming it. Learning to code is at the foundation of unlocking the amazing potential of what can be achieved with today’s tech. CIY.Club teaches kids how to do this in a unique, highly interactive and hands on way, through immersive experiences including term time after school clubs and school holiday programs. CIY.Club provides a community where coders are able to work together on projects with their peers, or achieve as individuals while being taught and supported by professional coaches. And even better, CIY.Club is a registered Creative Kids provider, meaning you can claim the government creative kids voucher through CIY!

For more information about CIY.Club, along with their upcoming school holiday clubs, camps and programs, visit CIY.Club 

For more information about ScopeIT Education, visit ScopeIT Education  



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