What the!? The M.L.L.M way of life - why it's awesome for mums (no lemons are actually required)

 Guest Author - Cindy from Envie Fitness Woonona Thu 23 November 17


The M.L.L.M way of life. What mums need to know!

When life throws you lemons, please don’t make lemonade. Who could be bothered? Who’s got the spare time? Not us!

We have a different solution - action at least one of the four M.L.L.M methods on your quest for health and happiness, there are: Movement, Laughter; Love; and Music (listed in no order of importance.)

These four golden nuggets are surely life’s answer to peace and happiness:


Enjoy whatever exercise you choose to partake in. It could be running or lifting weights; it could be yoga or walking; it could be boxing or stretching; it could be pole-dancing or Pilates. I mean, it could even be naked cardio tennis – we won’t look!

The key is to move consistently (ritualize it!) and achieve flowing endorphines, stronger muscles and improved cardiovascular health. Your body, heart and mind will always thank you for it, and respond with adaptation and improvement.

NB: Rest assured, we understand there are days you feel like the world’s greatest feminist super hero; and there are other days you wake up and want to keep resting your sleep-deprived head on your slobber-stained pillowcase. (Just don’t forget to wash your pillowcase.)


Without a sense of humour, we might as well order our white, custom-made strait jackets and rock gently for hours, whilst sucking on our thumb. Have you got the visual? We’d go cray cray!

Laughter makes us… well…happy! We all need to surround ourselves with people who make us laugh – our squad - and who celebrate the same sense of humour! NB: Silly dad jokes are not included.


“Love Is All You Need” was famously sung by The Beatles in the 1960s and we are all still agreeing sixty years later! Whether it’s your undying devotion to a goldfish; or the crazy love you have for a sibling, a child or your partner; or the appreciation for the sky, a plant or a planet - we need to transmit love out to the universe and receive it back whole-heartedly.


“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words; it speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.”- Keith Richards. So pick your mood, pick your genre and play some tunes. It really doesn’t matter about your music preferences, we won’t judge I promise!

Throw on those headphones while riding that spin bike; blast that favourite song while you are pottering around at home. Walk, sing or dance to it; entertain to it; take that trip of nostalgia to it – music really is therapy for the soul!

So ladies, we recommend you get your M.L.L.M groove on and slay at least one of them into your day somewhere. It’s free… and uncomplicated! Try all four methods at once and you have a stellar collision of joy.

Love the EnVie Fitness crew x

NB: Low and behold, not once throughout this whole article did we mention wine! ;-)

If you want to discover more about the EnVie Fitness Woonona community and it can add a real zing to your step - contact the lovely Alex 0412 435 614 alex@enviefitness.com.au 

With our thanks to Envie (now Soul Fit!) for working in partnership with Parents Guide and sponsoring this article!



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