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Five Star Martial Arts

Location: 185 Princes Hwy, (behind Bike Hub), , Albion Park Rail, NSW, 2527
Master Rob Cooley

02 4256 4499  
Mobile: 0414 378 994
Days Available:

Train with one of the Most Qualified and Successful Instructors in Australia, Master Rob Cooley has over 155 Blackbelts through one location, over 20 international reps. With a successful history of Coaching in Taekwondo at the elite international level, Master Rob has also honed his skills in the areas of personal development and the maximising of potential within individuals, groups and organisations.

Five Star Martial Arts is also a member of the Famous BullyStopTM Program and endorse all the requirements to be a member.

Five Star Martial Arts offer a free (no obligation) 14 day trail for any of the classes.

Classes available for children 3 to 12yrs are:

Little Tigers 3- 6yrs

The Little Tigers program encompasses the development of the 3-6yrs old in areas of Personal development, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Fitness and Activity, Home Safety, Focusing and How to Listen, Discipline, Stranger Danger, Martial Arts Skills. Children grade as per other students however they do have an adjusted syllabus that suits their age and advancement.

Junior Taekwondo 7-12yrs

The Junior Taekwondo program encompasses a multitude of skills and positive learning habits. It teaches Martial Arts skills, Bully proofing techniques, grading to Blackbelt and beyond, focusing in general and access to Weapons programs. It is great developmental program for juniors in their development into teens. They are taught to control their opponent rather then hit or kick them, although they still learn and practice that too.

Note: Senior Taekwondo 13 yrs + follows on from Junior Taekwondo.

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24hr Health Line
1800 022 222

Poisons Information
13 11 26

Parent Line NSW
1300 130 052

13 20 11

Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Helpline
1800 882 436

Australian Breastfeeding Ass.
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Tresillian Help Line
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Mental Health Line
1800 011 511 (24 hours, 7 days)

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